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We are a team of highly dedicated and skilled professionals who have a vision of becoming leaders in the field of distribution of Electronic Components. We are one of the fastest growing company offering products from quality suppliers all over the world with just in time delivery. We have broad range of components that can be chosen through our Inventory. We offer scheduled deliveries for quarterly, half-yearly or annual orders.



We purchase and accommodate Electronic components from various manufacturers and to offer distribution to customers all over the globe. We make sure to design all business aspect with customer centric approach. We stock and can source wide range of products which suits and fulfill all the requirements of our customers.


Welcome to Technoshack

Technoshack is an independent global distributor of semiconductor and electronic components servicing the needs of the industry since 2002 . We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada and provide a broad range of services to OEMs and CEMs worldwide. We have huge range of components in our inventory which includes different types of ICs, resistive lamps, Relays, Discrete components, electromechanical, Capacitors, industrial grade components, DC-DC Converters, Potentiometers, hard to find & obsolete components etc. We deal in all kinds of passive and active electronic components. All products in our stock are of high quality and match industry standards. We also make product available to our customers on request in case they are not available in our inventory. All products showing in our inventory are always available for shipment soon you place the order. Our aim is to deliver excellent product to customers and provide helpful support 24x7.
Technoshack products, personalized service and supply chain solutions have earned us business from various OEMs and CEMs in the world.

Technoshack : Canada

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