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Excess Inventory has become very common buzz word in Logistics industry these days. We understand that Excess Inventory And obsolete products that rapidly loose recovery value as the materials does not get a buyer. There may be various reasons for Excess Inventory like lost of products, introduction of new technology, improper production plan etc. The speed at which the electronic components are converted into monetary value has become really important for customers to survive. Technoshack helps our customers in two ways, one is that we have a proper inventory for all electronic items that we deal in, this facility can be used by our customers. Secondly, Technoshack specializes in buying Excess Inventory, Closeouts, and Overstocks from companies and moving them into secondary channels that don't interfere with our customer's primary sales channel. We want you to send us the product list that you are no longer interested in selling through your normal channels. In most cases, we'll have a quote for you within 24-28 hours.

We are interested in purchasing any Excess Inventory or Overstocks that you have. We are also interested in having an ongoing relationship, where we purchase product on a regular basis, every month or a few times a year. Anything and everything we purchase is bought on a one-way basis, as-is, hassle-free, with no returns. When we make an offer, we always intend to buy all you have of the item. Our mission is to provide you with a valuable service, buying your Excess Inventory, Overstocks and Closeouts and helping your business' bottom line.

Benefits of selling unwanted inventory to TechnoShack:
  • You can generate immediate cash flow on under-performing inventory and hence limit losses.
  • Can make space in your warehouse for product that's performing, keeping your inventory current and profitable.
  • Unload odd-lot quantities of many skus, customer returns, or other hard-to-move items.
  • Go green: rather than destroying your unwanted inventory or sticking it in a landfill, let us move it for you!

Our supply chain solutions offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract electronic manufacturers (CEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) flexible processes with attention to detail to help reduce costs, increase returns and drive recovery revenue – all within a full suite of solutions that are competitive, sustainable and scalable in virtually any environment or geography.