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Return policy

Return can be made by calling or Email(24*7) to our company. A Buyer may return to the Seller any goods that are damaged or defective within 7 days of visual inspection and 30 days if product has other defects or for any justified reason. The Buyer must return the damaged or defective goods within the period set forth in the RMA. The RMA number must be listed on all packaging containing goods returned to the Seller. If the Buyer does not request an RMA within 30 days of receiving the goods, or requests an RMA for goods that are not damaged or defective, T-shack may, at its sole discretion, refuse to issue an RMA for return of the goods or may require that Buyer pay a reasonable restocking fee as a condition of issuing the RMA to the Buyer. Refund will be made only to the product we sell and the amount will be as in Invoice.

Products are deemed accepted by customer unless customer notifies Seller in writing within 10 days of delivery of product shortages, damage or defect. No returns may be made for any reason without a Return Authorization Form issued by Seller. If customer refuses to accept tender or delivery of any products or returns any products without authorization from Seller, such products will be held by Seller awaiting customer's instruction for 20 days, after which Seller may deem the products abandoned and dispose of them as it sees fit, without crediting customer's account.